Photography In Urban Edinburgh’s Streets

As I said in my update I’m still chasing the elusive, lame, candid, weird, ‘street’ photo and I will probably keep doing so until I die so here’s a wee update of what I got up to before I went off on holiday.

It’s been tougher than imagined to find interesting things for me to photograph despite Edinburgh being completely assimilated by the Edinburgh Festival.

That was the problem though, there was too much stuff going on, too many people packed together.

I’ll start first with my love of friendly-terrorising Leica users. I don’t see them often but when I do I whack ’em!

This guy (below) turned in front of me as I was walking down the street and photographed a guy behind me.

Huh? Someone else doing street photography? I snapped this crappy photo of his camera to massage his ego.

He asked me if I shot film in a braggart film-fanny kind of way so I mentioned all the film sizes I use which bored him just enough that we parted ways nice and quickly. Funny nasal hair sprouts he had.

More recent Leica victims (not really).


How many ways can you photograph the same thing, people, and actually have something interesting to look at? I reckon it’s all in the composition, arrange them in an interesting way with interesting light.

I’m not a street portrait kind of person and there’s no need for me to try because we have Gareth Bragdon in our collective. I love street portraits and I’d want to do it differently but I can’t see how.

Movement is interesting. Lots of movement from camera shake can also add a sense of dynamism to a still image, more so with flash.


Work the Scene
“Work the scene” say’s Eric Kim, everyones favourite internet celebrity punchbag. That’s one thing I do occasionally do and I like it.
Eric says “Streettogs” but I say “Street Dogs”, I love photographing street dogs.

Here’s a scene:

The owner of the car/dog was cool, the next series was a homeless lady/man’s dog made on the agfa vista colour film developed in Rodinal.


When out with the other members of the collective we often run test exposures on each other to make sure we’re exposing correctly. Here’s a couple of Gareth and Gavin I liked …


The Tourist and The Regular
In Edinburgh there are often many large groups of tourists out for a walk across town and I often like to meet them.

I bumped into some horse mounted Police officers showing off their steeds and myself and the collective worked the scene again. They asked me to forward some of our photos if we wanted because they never have any photos of them on horseback.

I felt bad because they are probably expecting one thing but in reality they’d get something slightly different …

The looks I got for the one below were great! They must’ve thought I was trying to photograph the horses genitals or something becuse I was aiming the flash under the horse …

This next picture is a prime example of a photo that looks posed but it wasn’t. I was trying to get a photograph of the horses head in front of the girls head but I was too slow …

It looks like I know her and she’s posing for me but it was actually just really bad timing on my part.

So moving on. I never know what kind of photo I want to make but I’m always interested in peoples details, not necessarily their faces or them as people but maybe a colour or collection of items or a shape.

I try to think in abstractions, not to go for the obvious though sometimes it doesn’t work the way I thought it would but you get something else and see something new to try later.

What actually makes an image interesting in the first place?

Earlier today I had an extensive intensive discussion/disagreement about a wet print enlarger for a smartphone. A crazy idea but also brilliant. I wasn’t alone in thinking it was brilliant but I did have a couple of run-ins over it.

Some of the comments from the Film Gang, I thought, were openly snobby and I said so to much displeasure, as you’d expect, but I don’t believe I said it in a nasty, Peta Pixel, way.

Anyway, can you imagine taking your digital street photos and wet printing them through this device?

You could do something amazingly interesting with it, possibly create a new visual language or look. It’s such a shame others couldn’t see it. I’m planning on getting an enlarger out of storage to see if I can print from my phone!

I think that’s all for now but I’ve got quite a back catalogue of this sort of stuff I might manage another two or more posts.

By for now!

Le Fin


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