General Update

First of all sorry again for that last post, I’ve been on holiday out of Edinburgh for a week and I feel all the better for it so here’s a few things I’ll be blogging abut in the next few days:

Colour Black and White: going to Poundland for cheap £1 a roll colour film to then process as black and white film.


Holiday Photos: As you might imagine my kind of holiday photos aren’t normally the same as most other folks.


Cibachrome Processing Tank: I accidentally on purpose bought one from Gumtree and I’ll be testing it out with Xray then some large duplicating film.


Photo Books: I’ve got a couple of books I’ll be working on soon, namely a collection of photos from my wife’s birthday earlier this year and one of my holiday photos. Are photobooks the new photo album?

Switar ƒ1.4 Cinema Lens: I was gifted a C-Mount lens from a Bolex movie camera and I’ve been using it to experiment with my GF1.


Lame ‘Street’ Photography: Yes, I’m still doing that sort of stuff and still love looking for that illusive interesting ‘candid’ image.


And finally, Pigeons! “Fousands of them


My family and I are in the process of trying to buy a house after accepting an offer on our current abode so updates have been very few. Once this is all done and dusted I’ll be out in force with the big guy and maybe an 8×10 version of it.

Once I have my own space I’ll probably explode with experiments and I seriously can’t wait.

Le Fin Fur Noo


2 thoughts on “General Update

  1. wow the colour to bw stuff actully came out quite nice…new lease on life for the pound store stuff\! Think i’m going to develop whats in my lomo at school that way. Do you know if this stuff pushes alright beyond 200 by the way?


    1. I’m not 100% sure about pushing it beyond 200 but I reckon you could. I developed the rolls like TMax 100 in Rodinal 1+50 which is 11-12 minutes and I felt like I’d over cooked it so I reckon you could.

      I’ve just loaded a roll in my FM2 so I’ll rate it at 400 and see how it goes.


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