Alone At Night; A Dangerous Time

The dangerous part of tonight was glancing over at a Tropicana orange juice carton that had just been gutted ready to be recycled. “I could use that as a lens barrel” I thought and instantly had that wee rush of excitement I knew oh so well.

The ingredients for tonights fun were well within reach (see above); the now trusty Guinea Pig, the Panasonic GF1; the Tropicana carton splayed and ready; an Innocent orange juice bottle ready to be converted; a shutter or two, started with a Vario but ended up using a Kodex; and paint.

The Build
I cut a hole in the Tropicana carton for the shutter/lens and removed the base of the Innocent bottle …

There was a lot of room between the bottle and the carton but that was fine, I’ll figure that out later I thought (bin liner?). Next I had to clean the insides of any moisture and paint it black…

After some testing I realised the ‘barrel’ was too long …

Ah, there we are …

… so I had to snip-snip, tape-tape…

Since it’s late at night and I hadn’t thought about how to free-stand the thing with the weird box-lens barrel so I chose to add a flash …

Now to snap-snap!

Snappy Snaps
I knew going forward that using a lens built for medium format or larger I was going to end up with a very long lens on a micro 4/3 body, here’s something about 2 meters away:

A couple of things a wee bit further away, around 4-5 meters:


No camera fun could be had without photographing the photographer …

I took the flash off the body and went hands free with the iShoot remote flash system. The only problem here is that the flash was aimed upwards across the lens so there’s a wee bit of glare.


Well that’s that all wrapped up for tonight, I’ll continue this absurdity in the morning light and finish with this:

Chopping up boxes and sticking lenses on the front is what I love about ‘photography’ or picture making, not drooling over pixels or joining the sharpness league.

I know I haven’t done anything original here, basically a safe freelensing kit, but building something while not knowing if it will work or not is one of the best thrills you can have, I highly recommend it.

Le Fin


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