Flickr Alert

Don’t worry, this isn’t a pithy rebuttal to the not-so-recent-anymore changes to Flickr but more an alert of sorts.

If anyone looks at the old posted entries on this blog may find quite a large number of images disappearing, that’s because I’m whacking a lot of my old photos on Flickr and some may have been used here.

I’m simply cleaning up my account because I have/had nearly 16,000 photos posted on Flickr and most of them are crap or rather I see them that way now. About 6,000 of the 16,000 photos are actually hidden in one form or another anyway but they still need to go.

Another reason is because I’m getting closer to finishing off the street photography collective’s website and I’ll be linking back to this blog plus my Flickr account and want things to be more focussed. I’m also thinking of moving things into my own hosted space but I’m not sure yet.

More ‘stuff’ coming soon so until next time.



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