Big Blurb Book

In the back of my head I’ve been trying to put together a way of building a book that best creates a narrative for my photos of Edinburgh.

To best describe how this idea is forming think about how David Lynch introduces the Sandy Williams character (Laura Dern) in Blue Velvet; out of the dark she slowly creeps revealing herself gradually.

My book idea isn’t fully formed, maybe only a foot or an ankle so far, but I do have one structural layer in mind which has been gnawing away at me.

I think I want to start as far out of Edinburgh as I can, perhaps from a satellite in orbit, slowly creeping in and by the end of the book we’re looking at it’s atoms. OK, maybe not that far or close.

When you go somewhere new it’s completely foreign and everything is strange but over time you become familiar with almost every detail.

At least that’s one structure I’m looking at. Content will start off as landscapes devoid of people then I’ll introduce them slowly in Urban settings slipping into street photography and maybe even family.

It’ll be called something like ‘EDI’ or ‘Edinburgh’ and again it’ll just be a Blurb book for me and I wont be labelling it as street photography just pictures. If I had to further illustrate the feel I want it’d be like the latter portion of this piece of music; muggy, large and harmonious but ominous.


It’ll be hellish to sequence but I really need to learn how to do that properly now rather than just guessing.

Anyway, that’s one plan among many swirling around my head. I’ll have to do an update post soon to show where I am with all my other projects but my wife and I are planning to put our flat on the market to sell soon so most of the more demanding projects will be on hold for a few months at least.

Until next time.

le fin

PS – I might be doing some ‘actual’ portrait work for my work so if I can, I’ll post something about that if and when it happens.


2 thoughts on “Big Blurb Book

  1. Hi! I just found your blog and I wanted to say that I love these photos of Edinburgh. I haven’t had the pleasure to visit the city yet, but I definitely want to do it after reading this post. I’m a rookie photographer, I recently got a DSLR camera and I’m trying to teach myself as much photography as I can. It is my passion and I really want to get better at it. Keep posting pics, they are really good!


    1. Hi FeetFromShore, sorry this reply is over a year late but thanks for commenting. I hope you’ve managed to visit Edinburgh, there are a lot of lovely old links to history alive and well, and I hope you’ve managed to get to know your camera.

      Thanks again,


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