Similar to my last post I went for another sequences of images but from a street corner. I will add that SPNC Instruction 16 was running or ran recently which was all about sequencing, though I was too late to make something, as I have seen a few images from some of my Flickr contacts participating.

I thought this could be interesting because a down-and-out guy parked himself literally on the corner and I was interested in the reactions and interactions he got on a busy working week evening.








It’s not a particularly interesting set and I could easily prune off most of them but in image 4 I liked the almost disapproving gaze of the lady on the far left and the guy dodging the down-and-out’s swinging bag in image 6.

In the end I would maybe keep 4 – 7 in this group but it’s in no way a good series of photos.

I did like the constant presence of the blond girl with the grey bag and if I was going to make another sequence of images I’d like to have at least one constant figure or element.

Anyway, this was just a quick post trying out something new-to-me, hopefully I’ll make something more interesting soon.



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