Pigeon Paradise

Anyone following my Flickr photostream of late will see that I’ve recently gone wild on pigeons.

I guess I’ve always wanted to photograph birds but since I started using off camera flash properly, and by properly I mean using a trigger mechanism rather than *bulbing it, I’ve been more interested in the odd results you can get using that method.

I have a Flickr set called “Flying Rats of Edinburgh” but the title may change to be less discriminatory and include flying rats from other cities. At time of writing I roughly have 137 photos in it.

There’s a great Flickr group called “Hardcore Pigeon Street Photography (HPSP)“. It’s full of really great photos but unfortunately I don’t think any of my photos are strong enough to be accepted into the group.

We all know they are bags of diseased flesh but they can look very beautiful with their wings cast mid flight.

I’ve certainly focussed primarily on the start to mid-flight phase of the pigeon/bird

“Fly my pretties …”

… Fly!”

My next plan is to integrate humans into the fold …

… easier said than done I’m afraid so it’ll take what I can!

This is a small selection so for more pigeon fun check out my Flickr Set.

Until next time …

the end


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