Marathon Man

Sunday 26 May was the Edinburgh Marathon and myself and Louis Brown took to the streets to see what photos we could make.

I was sporting my GF1 which I’m starting to feel more and more these days is my best camera for getting the kind of street photos I want, despite ranting on how much I hated it. I’d love the EVF but not at £150.

I also had my F65 but stupidly loaded a roll of Kodalith film that’s rated ISO 6(!); it was sunny but only periodically.

Louis also had a Nikon F camera but an older more sturdy version also with a motor drive and his Leica M3. I started off up Regent Terrace after a quick run to get there before they took off and Louis started on London Road.

I’d been out with my family the day before and made some photos so I felt a little visually burnt out, I started slowly off the blocks with the bubble-man but I wish the rain cover was less transparent.

If you’re interested in how I’m learning to ignore the fear of making street photographs read my last post about making Street Photos.

This next guy was pretty cool with me taking about 4 photos of his outfit. I ended with a portrait which wasn’t that great.

It was taking me a wee while to get the right settings on my camera. I hadn’t used the flash I had with me for a while, I was mostly using a flash that only had one power mode; that mode being ‘Napalm Death‘.

ISO100 at 1/160 was the main stay for most of the runners action but I did briefly wrestle with ISO3200/2000 but it was awful for that light.

Most photos were all-out failures but had a little something I found interesting though not worthy to be made public on my Flickr stream. Yes, I do actually have some standards.


Theme of the Day: Dogs
As anyone who follows me on Flickr or anywhere else you’ll be aware of my Pigeon fever. On that day it was all about dogs.

I just couldn’t stop!

Back to the Runners
To be honest, the actual running photos I came away with I didn’t like at all. Apart from the first one, here’s a couple that make my point:

I was more interested in other details.

This search for details lead me onto investigating and experimenting with shapes and composition.

Especially this next one.

This next photo is a lot simpler …

… and this idea I liked but needs less people around it.

I see these as more light paintings or sketches.

After the Marathon
After the marathon ran it’s course, literally, Louis and I wandered into town for a bit.

Since the sun came out for a wee while I tried to make photos with the F65 and the ISO6 film but I doubt I’ll have anything useful from that roll.

I’ll probably develop it later tonight when it gets dark. The beauty of Kodalith is it’s an Ortho film and can be handled in a 1A red safe light. My safelight is a 6B so it’s all good in the hood.

Here I’m still experimenting with composition and shapes.

Here’s a fairly rare non-candid street portrait …

Here’s a train station walk through. Recently I’ve been enjoying framing stuff in triangular infinity frames …


End of the Day
At the end of the day we had a look at the underground car boot sale on Leith Street. I’ve never been before and hadn’t realised it was on floor -4 not +4 and how dark and sinister the place would look. Think Terminator flashbacks from the original film.

My GF1 hadn’t been charged for a few days and it was used quite a bit the day before so it almost out of power and started beeping away.

About this time my back started ‘beeping’ too and my right foot was in agony so I had to bail out and head off home.


Until next time …


PS – To get a good grasp on where I’ve come from street photo-wise checkout my massive Street View set on Flickr.

I can guarantee you’ll see some horrible photos in there made on all sorts of cameras not suited to that kind of ‘genre’.

I’m now starting to prune that crazy bush so some may disappear before your very eyes!


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