Photo-Drive of Edinburgh

The day after yesterday was primarily reserved as a large format day. I started off out by the abandoned Woolworths store near Fort Kinnaird.

I walked around the block looking to gain access to the back to get near a pylon but couldn’t see any way in.

All I saw just a lot of abandoned trash lying around.

I finally settled on a tree in front of a Burger king sign. The angles of the building looked OK, the space to the right and below the tree seemed OK, but not great, since it had some lines to entertain the eye and make it less boring.

I then moved down a bit to what I saw as a cheap alternate take on the Angel of the North.

A bit of risey/tilty stuff.

Moving on to Fort Kinnaird itself for coffee and cake.

After a bit of that I made my way back to the scene of the Zorki VF loss the day before.

I had a look around again but couldn’t see it between the 2 or 3 places I could’ve dropped it so I moved on looking for a photo to make.

I settled on this scene because I liked the reflections of the tree, there were a few clumps of trees/half trees in the water but the backgrounds in the reflections were quite cluttered.

I did some twiddling with the front and back standards but I can’t remember what they were, still just sticking with Fomapan 100.

I wandered around a wee bit then headed back out the way I came for one last look for that Zorki 35mm VF.

After rummaging about in the bushes I went back to where the pigeons were but walked up just a bit farther.

There it freakin was!

I was so elated!

Next …
The next photo was only a few steps away and an attempt at using swing and stuff like that.

After that I headed up Arthurs Seat. Here I wanted to try out some IR in a slightly overcast day …

I’d happily say it worked out just find but only just. I miss-used the Massive Devchart app by only looking at 35mm times for Rodinal 1+50, I only saw times for 1+25. Lets just say my guess at 1+50 was a wee bit off and it nearly cost me the sheet.

I was later assured there was a timing for 1+50 under sheet film where I should’ve been looking in the first place.

Anyhoo that’s it for now.

le fin


3 thoughts on “Photo-Drive of Edinburgh

  1. yeah very apocalyptic. Love this…been in a bit of a lull lately and this and the other stuff is inspiring me to get back into action


    1. You’re very kind Gavin, I pretty much burnt myself out after everything I was doing that week but having time to yourself to clear your head and think about what really interests you, I found anyway, helps a lot.


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