Self Induced Photo-Walk of Edinburgh

Mid week when I was off work I went for a walk with a few cameras; Panasonic GF1, Zorki 4K, Casio IR and the Pentax PC35AF (plus iPhone).

Instead of traversing the usual routes I went off in a slightly different direction through a park I never knew existed, but it came at a cost. More on that later.

I started off by warming up; lines division shapes etc. nothing great of course.

I made my way into the park beside a new Taoist Tai Chi venue I’d never seen before, a club I used attend a good number of years ago.

I was in a good mood since I’d had uninterrupted sleep for the past few nights so when I saw a lady with 4 dogs of all different sizes I said hi and asked if I could photograph them.

She chatted about having loads of dogs and how she also walks her friends dogs too. I said thanks and walked on to make a few rubbish photos, chase down some pigeons and rummage in the bushes a little.

I made my way to a pond and when I went to photograph a duck, disaster, I’d lost my Zorki’s 35mm Viewfinder. How, where?!

I searched around the area, up to the bushes and the pigeons and back again but no luck! 20 minutes later and I bumped into the lady with the dogs again but this time she had about 6 different dogs!

They were really funny looking!

They were a mixture of her and her friends dogs and a couple of which were blind.


Moving on sans 35mm VF

I searched around the Leith area looking out for bags and other urban scenery …


Heading up to Princess Street

I was still sort of persevering with the Zorki minus the 35mm VF. This next one looked much better through the 50mm coupled VF/rangefinder.

I made my way to the Mound with little to no activity in-between. I ate my lunch there while watching life go by.

Then I saw this group of Chinese tourists walk by being lead by a guy with a flag, the suddenly weather turned so it was now GF1 flash time!

Like I said in my last post, sometimes you have to chase a photo down.

This last one was the one I liked best; flag in the face.

Time to go home.

So that’s pretty much it. I had the Pentax PC35AF with me and although it has some focusing issues I still took the odd photo here and there.

Photo Walk 2 will probably up next.


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