Streets of Edinburgh 4

It’s 20th of April and we meet again. This meet up is more a meet up and chat about potential future endeavours; exhibition, zine etc.

I believe I may have photographed the most and this is what I saw.

It was the usual gang, Gareth, Paul and Martin but no Gavin. I did meet Louis Brown and his old battered M3; a pretty young guy with a solid idea of what he wants from photography.

The Photos
Like last time I appeared to focus on colour …

… but not exclusively.


I did see a mini theme briefly develop around arms and elbows.


Zorki Fail
I had the Zorki 4K with me this time but sadly the Jupiter 12 35mm lens and the PC contacts on the body went all wonky and I had to call it a day really early on for that camera.


There were plenty of interesting opportunities but it seemed the focus was more on meeting and talking about interesting or classic SP books we’d been reading. I’d only recently bought Mark Cohen’s ‘Grim Street’ so that was fresh in my memory.


Continued …

Sometimes you have to chase something down even if the end product is sub-par at best.

… and sometimes you look and see something interesting repeating albeit slightly differently.

Other times you play with something simple …

… and occasionally you can make something look like something else, like a crime story!


Pigeon Count
To me a street photography meet-up isn’t the same unless there’s a pigeon hunt at some point.

I had a blast as they say.

But they’re not exactly winners though.

This was one of my favourite photos from the day:


We met up much later for this meet up, around 4pm, so once we were burnt out we stopped off for a pint in Labyrinth to chew the fat.

The GF1 at ISO3200 – mega grain.

… one from the Casio with IR flash.

Two pints or more later we went our separate ways and as I strolled down to catch my bus I made a few more snaps.

The red and white striped socks were pretty neat but alas the camera is red sensitive so the socks came out white. Silly me.

So that’s pretty much that. No Nazi groups or wild stag/hen parties just normal Edinburgh folk.

le fin


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