Streets of Edinburgh 3

So, it’s March now and we’re back in the centre of Edinburgh.

I started off with small details with my trusty GF1 as always and the Nikon F65 as backup.

The weather was bitterly cold but still managed to find a tiny “Scrap Trident” demonstration.

Moving on …

The weather was so cold I could barely feel my fingers and my feet were thoroughly soaked through but we soldiered on.


We ended up on the Royal Mile and headed up George the Fourth bridge, up ahead there was a lot of luminous safety vests. It turned out to be a protest against whatever by the Scottish Defence League, next door to Frankensteins bar.

On the opposite side of the road was the police trying to herd them in and random passers by pausing to shout insults at ‘protestors’.

Every now and then they’d make their way across the road shouting and waving flags but they’d get pushed back over.

There was this one guy filming everyone on our side of the road with his mobile, he started to film me as well so I lifted my camera to photograph him but he stopped filming and hid his face and all I got was his hand.

The Police saw this and moved him over beside his buddies.

Here’s a few photos from our side of the road:

“Nazi scum!” they shouted.

The street was busy with loads of people hanging about, It was pretty cool but the rain was murdering my flash contacts with loads of water getting on the lens so I missed a lot.

At one point I noticed a beautiful white bridal car turn onto the road so I ran up and prepared for it to pass which it did slowly and I got this photo:

I felt sorry for her because it was horrendous weather, there was a Scottish Nazi rally blocking the traffic and I guess I maybe didn’t help things.

We went into Malones an Irish bar nearby for a couple of pints and headed back out but before that we managed to end up on Facebook.

I guess I thought I wasn’t going to be fully in the picture and leaned out the way. Mistake. I just look like a weirdo. I did get a photo of the guy taking pictures though and looking at the timing I probably ruined his photo.

After the pub.

We moved on towards the Bridges and I found myself a Pentax PC35AF P&S camera for £4. I loaded it with film and added it to my repertoire for the day.

We had lunch and headed back out.

I bumped into Sandra the photography student that was going to make a documentary photo project about my obsession with cameras for college. Sorry you look so green.


At this point I was pretty tired and feeling seriously chilled so I headed off home to warm up with some whisky.

There’s another photo-walk this month, April 2013, so I’m certain to post something from that event as well.

If this has whet your appetite why not head over to Flickr to look at the great work by the other photographers in our group:

Gareth Bragdon
Gavin Bragdon
Paul Cruickshank
Martin Much


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