Streets of Edinburgh 2

So, moving on from February we enter March but before we do that I remembered that a couple of us met up in January and it wasn’t the normal crew either; just Gareth and I with a special guest, Lesley A Ercolano.

I was following Lesley’s work on flickr, E.Yelsel, and was mightily impressed with her eye for composition and colour.

I’d no idea how celebrated she was by the SPNC or Street Photography Now community on Flickr and elsewhere and regardless of your feelings towards Eric Kim, he’d listed her amongst his list of 25 talented street photographers you should follow on flickr.

That aside Here’s what I saw in and around January’s walk:

A monk.


I liked this photo, below, but I don’t think I did the scene justice. It looked like the business failed with the exterior in disrepair and all the restaurant was serving was these leaflets:

Because we walked out from the centre of town we were more into Lesley’s territory so I saw more open spaces and colour opportunities.

It’d been snowing the night before and there were a few snowmen still hanging in there in the Meadows.

The parents in the photo below took a photo of their kid holding the snowman’s make-shift stick genitals; bad parents!


Back in town …



As you can probably see, on this walk the focus wasn’t about us perhaps forcing the issue by injecting our cameras into the scene. Finding it rather than making it I guess.

Some Urban ideas snuck in quite a bit, some more interesting than others.


Compared to February this was much more relaxed smooth and civilised but March is up next and it couldn’t be more different from January and maybe February too: “Nazi’s, I hate these guys!


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