Streets of Edinburgh

I’m so behind on my adventures/miss-adventures in street photography it’s crazy.

I’ve been on about 2 or 3 street photo-walks since my last non-blurb book post about SP (Street-Photography) and they’ve been pretty good experiences, I’ve met really nice guys bar one arsehole-idiot (‘douche-bag’ for any Americans reading).

We met up in February when I was off work on Birthday leave then again in March in the most appalling weather for some time but I’ll head back to February first.

February Meet-Up
We met up and had a coffee which has turned into a standard practice then toured around Princes Street, George Street, the Bridges etc. and many other places, back and fourth.

We saw many things including the average stag-do. It turned out we bumped into the same group about 4 times; they got to know us quite well by the end of the day.

Its funny how many people go out wearing odd costumes on a Saturday collecting for charity.


We met an outspoken Christian who actually didn’t try to convert us, maybe we seemed too lost?


I saw this guys shirt, below, and had to make a photo. I said “cool shirt” to which he smiled and grunted approvingly.

Cool shirt for a photograph because it does illustrate a fundamental issue within most western cultures. What does the photo on the shirt say about an accepted perception of women to you?


To me SP isn’t limited to just photos of people, strangers, I believe it should have some context. Context about what sort of environment we’re living in – the ingredients to our urban soup.

There are actually people in Edinburgh think that discarding food on the ground like this is OK:


Gareth’s approach to street portraiture is very Gildenesque. It’s a very easy comparison to make; he works close; he uses flash; but that’s as far as it goes really. Below you can see him chatting with one of his curious subjects about his photography.


The next couple of images came about after we’d stopped for a bite to eat, the sun was going down and I started to use my Casio. The guy we were chatting to clearly had an alcohol problem but one of the group appeared to know him quite well.

Was I wrong to photograph him?

A few more Casio frames…


We found our way into the Grass Market and bumped into another stag-do.

More Casio fun …


This is pretty much when my interest in pigeons began. Gareth and I started seeking out the winged beasts.


The rest:


March is up next…

3 thoughts on “Streets of Edinburgh

    1. These photos were made while out with a group of people so I certainly felt more enabled to make this kind of photo in the knowledge that it wasn’t weird. I felt less out of place photographing with 4 other people doing the same thing and doing it with a hell of a lot more balls than me.

      It’s the belief that what you’re doing isn’t wrong because sometimes you can doubt yourself.


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