Paper Magic

I’ll keep this post brief as I blew it all over Instagram, a wee bit on Twitter and Tumblr and mentioned it a couple of posts ago.

I decided to experiment with paper as a medium rolled into 120 backing paper. My initial idea was to roll the paper directly onto a 120 spool but I decided last minute to simply roll it onto the paper backing.

Because this was a test I only cut a slice from a sheet of 9×12 Kentmere VC Select which only gives me about 4 frames.

I loaded the roll into the Mamiya C330 because it has the fastest lens of all my MF cameras.

I exposed the frames as best I could though not very well I’m afraid. I setup my temporary darkroom again in Anna’s bedroom and developed the strip.

Only one frame came out good though a bit weird. I had the flash out firing away at f2.8 and I think it worked OK, the others didn’t.

A photo out the window without flash didn’t work so well when the slow shutter speed got a wee bit stuck.

The other exposed frame was a total flop:


The next day, Sunday morning around 7am, I tried single paper frames in the back of my Kodak No3A folder.

I also wanted to test out my Hoya + filters with the Kodak beast so I used my backup ground glass to see the focusing range and measured around 37cm between the lens and subject when the front standard was set at 2m with a +2 filter.

As I found out, it’s never a good idea to keep doing this kind of camera fudgery when the family awakes so when I accidentally slipped on the +4 instead of the +2 I got this blurry shite:

Realising my error I got the +2 on with a better result, only just.

Next step is to roll a longer strip of paper onto paper backing and let rip. More fun later I’m sure.

If only I had a dedicated darkroom …


3 thoughts on “Paper Magic

  1. If only I had a dedicated darkroom…. that was warmer than 2 degrees Celsius!! I shouldn’t complain I’m sure it will get warmer soon and then it will be amazing. In addition to printing my 3rd print I intend to try out some paper negatives.

    I love your idea of using the backing paper and creating a roll of paper!


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