Night Light

It’s taken me a wee bit of time to get around to this post because I wanted to make another video overlook and I’ve only just finished it.

After the last test book I wanted to make a book that was purely about street photography but the more I thought about it I decided to make it purely about street photography with the infra-red converted Casio Exilim.

It was that time of year when the night pulls in around 4pm in the UK so a Casio night photography book made sense. It only took a couple of weeks or so to pull it together and choose the photos; with the night theme I wanted to make the book as claustrophobic as I could.

I snuck in a few Urban Horror Story images to add a little breathing space but I really wanted it to be quite cluttered and wild.

I also bought a PDF version so if I can find a way to host it I’ll post a link so you can download it for free if you really wanted to.
Anyway, on with the video review. It isn’t the whole book in the video review as I managed to lose a chunk of it but you get the gist of it anyway.

I discuss my thoughts on the images, what I liked about them, and the book print quality which I believe is marred by the quality of the image files from the 2007 Casio.

le fin

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