Kodalith The Mighty

Recently on eBay I won an auction for Kodalith Ortho film. The seller said the best speed to rate this film at was between 6 and 12, any higher and the contrast would be insane.

He was right, we even had an email chat about it; proof there are decent human beings on the Bay.

I believe Kodalith was designed as a high contrast film for reproducing line, probably technical drawings, so the faster you rate the film the sharper the contrast gets; lower that speed to get more tone.

Another interesting thing about this film is you can handle it under a red safe light. The packaging says a 1A light red light, I have a dark red light for handling X-Ray film so I took a gambled that it would be fine.

I cut off a strip of the Kodalith film in my changing tent but loaded the 35mm canister under the safe light, I then loaded the canister into my FED 3. I made a few shots with flash of my favourite model, Anna, and returned to the darkroom.

I developed the film in Ilfosol 3 – 1+9 for about 3 or 4 minutes in a tray so I could see the images appear. It took a wee while but something started to pop up, dark shapes! I couldn’t quite make them out but I believe it was the areas that were ‘burnt’ by the light.

Once they looked OK I gave them a wash and fixed in a developing tank, this is when the negatives became transparent. The artefact on the film below is a piece of stray tape.

All in all I probably under developed so I’ll go for around the 6 minutes mark next time.

The final negatives are pretty scratched thanks to that turn in a developing tray but I liked them …

Rated ISO 6 I also gave the film a double splash of flash to make sure it was exposed.

The tones look pretty even so I’m quite happy.

I’ll try exposing at ISO12 to see how they look.

Well how about that, 3 posts in one day! Don’t worry that’s my limit.

I’m currently making my way through about 13 rolls of colour film so there’ll be more film posts very soon.

le fin

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