Projects Update

In January I highlighted a fair number of projects for 2013, some larger than others but all projects non the less. So here’s an update.

Ultra Large Format
This flower started to crookedly bloom in February but due to the current state of the shitty Scottish weather it’s now temporarily on hold.

I’d taken the camera outside for the first time late February but due to the general construction and materials used I realised it was inherently flawed.

I had a glass plate in front of the capture material; the backing board was maybe too thin; the gaps between the two standards weren’t light tight. The list went on and on.

Improvements made and ready to test again!

Portrait Project

Sadly this project had totally died but on Saturday 16 March I bumped into Sandra, a photography student that nearly used my camera obsession for a college photo-project.

She reminded me that I’d asked her to pose for a portrait before the Christmas break and said maybe next month she’d be free.

I’d still like to take this forward especially with the ULF camera so this might continue in April.


I’ve been in the darkroom about 4 times since I took out my month pass mid February so I’ve nearly covered the £45 cost.

So far this year I’ve made colour and B&W wet prints and had some large digital prints made through my works Graphics Lab.

#MakePrints and #BelieveInPrints is still running strong.


Colour Paper Negatives
This sadly stalled as my only colour developer, C41, died just as I was starting to make some headway. I’d chatted about colour in-camera paper negatives with people on both Flickr and Tumblr and even bought some Cibachrome filters but I just ran out of chemicals.

That said, I believe a box of Tetenal C41 has just arrived today, 18 March, so it’s ‘to be continued’ if I have any left after the 13 rolls of film I have to develop.

C41 is dead!
Paper positive from an in-camera negative.

I was lucky to take part in the Alt-Photo festival in March but there’s now some buzz in our Edinburgh street photography community about us maybe having a street photography group exhibition. That would be very exciting!

Not to forget though, there’s also a possibility that Iain Kendall and I’s Abandoned Edinburgh project might soon make it into a gallery space; that would be amazing too!


The Homemade Book is on hold but I did make, again through Blurb, a black and white Casio only street photography book. I’ve also got another photo book project of my Wife’s 40th birthday get-together on a to-do list, it’ll be great fun pulling that together!

The Casio Book, still to write something about this.

A photo from Lou’s Birthday bash; boisterous kids!


Hidden Projects
These are projects I’ve not chatted much about with anyone:

Bagland: Photos of all these carrier bags that litter trees all over the city. It can’t just be limited to Edinburgh?

Paper Rolls: cutting photo paper down to 120/127 sized roll film to make paper negatives. On the back of the paper I’ll duplicate the number spacing to fit the camera. This I’m VERY excited about. Not sure if that little red window will stop the light enough but willing to give it a try.


And finally …
I’ve had a couple of street photography meet-ups this year so far and a few other wee excursions I might share on the blog. Lots more to come so stay tuned if interested.

Kind regards,

(le fin)

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