Paper Clip

My plan this Saturday, 9 March 2013, was to to test the improvements I’d made through the week but the weather decided to be, well, shit.

It started with rain …

… then some hailstones …

… then more snow/hailstones …

In the end I mucked about at home while Anna and Lou went to the cinema. I should say that I was also home alone because I came down with some weird vomity/pooey bug thing Friday night; less about that the better.

Camera Corrections
The first thing I did was paint everything black.

I painted the external walls of the camera black to match the interior I had painted back when I built it.

I then went on to paint the backing panel for the dark slide, ruling out the weakness of the backboard as a factor. I also removed the glass opting to tape the paper to the backboard; a wee bit extra taping but not too bad really.

With regards to the space between the front and back standard I’ve decided to go with using the dark cloth over the join until I can be bothered buying velcro strips.

Why Make Things Easy?
So back to the Saturday morning, I didn’t have a clue what to make photos of.

The length of the Rodenstock lens is pretty long with the minimum focusing distance maybe around 3 meters – I found it quite restrictive to frame something inside a flat with only 2 tables that could support the heft of the camera.

I decided to ‘MOD’ my own camera … Macro-Mode!

I effectively reduced the minimum focusing distance to around 1.5 meters.

I again converted Anna’s room into a darkroom making it light tight with some left over cuts from curtains I’d bought for the mobile darkroom.

Things were going to plan.


Making Photos (“two points, two flats”)
I setup in my kitchen, very much like my first test shot not so many moons ago. I decided to test the camera on my latest purchase the Nikon F65 (maybe N65 in North American territories (?)).

It took me a while to figure out the focus, running back and fourth between the ground glass and the subject shifting things around.


First Frame

First exposure was interesting, I rated the paper at ISO2.5 and let rip but I’d over exposed it and had to rescue the sheet from the ‘fire’.


Second Frame

For the second frame I rated the paper at ISO6 but I didn’t trust the reading and gave it 45 seconds in the end and still under exposed it a wee bit.


Third/Fourth Exposure

I rated the third at ISO4, still not trusting the reading, for just short of a minute and I was way off, very underexposed, but the fourth I gave just over a minute and although heavily underexposed it was interesting enough for me.

I’d ran out of time as the family were on their way back home and started to pack things up for the day. The real test will be taking the camera outside again.

Additional Photos (“a packet of gravel”)
While I still had the darkroom built I decided to make a couple of direct positive 5x4s in my Graphic View.

I hadn’t used the Graphic View since around mid-January when I was out in a wee bit of rain hence the carrier bag for protection.

My plan was to make a photo for Mothers Day but it didn’t come to pot as the Direct Positive paper needs to soak for freakin’ hours and hours before leaving to dry on material (under books to stop it curling) plus Lou saw them soaking in the bath.


I haven’t quite got round to photographing the photos for the ‘internet’ yet but I hope to fanny about maybe Tuesday night at Stills making contact prints of the flowers at least.

Anyway, that was my weekend how was yours? I’m genuinely interested (I am you know so as you read this make it sound genuine in your head), so let me know if anyone was out making photos regardless of medium.

Bye for now.

PS – did you get the hidden film reference beside the “Making Photos” and “Additional Photos” headings?

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