Colour Me Dark 2

Darkroom Day Two
My goal for day 2 was primarily to make two wet prints for the Alt-Photo exhibition I was lucky to become a small part off.

I started off with the Field photo which taught me a lot about the Inverse Square law then the ‘Police’ photo but much larger, after that I made a few more prints with the colour paper.

This was Day 2’s B&W wall.


Colour Printing
One thing I wanted to do was print a photo from a colour negative that looked absolutely horrendous when I scanned it so I printed this rubbish photo from Christmas in Edinburgh …

… and I was right, a print can easily beat a scanned colour negative, at least from my bullshit scanner anyway.

Moving on, I tried out another, but cleaner, FP-100C negative; a portrait of Iain Kendall.

My first print at C0 M50 Y50 was very green.

I adjusted the white balance and got a better result by adding cyan and yellow while reducing magenta; C3 M20 Y60.


Next I tried out a photo I liked but my Mother in Law didn’t of Anna’s cousin Richard, made with a Smena 6.
Again, C0 M50 Y50 was just fine though maybe a bit too warm.


Another portrait but of Anna again made with the Smena 6, exposed to the paper for 9 seconds at ƒ8, C0 M50 Y50. Looked pretty good to me.


I closed the show with a double portrait of my mother with Anna made with the Mamiya Universal on Portra 160.

This was pretty tough as it didn’t follow the same exposure traits of other negatives and needed far less time to expose to paper, I even had to jump up from ƒ8 to ƒ16 to expose for just 7 seconds.


I started to notice timings can appear to be random when moving between film stocks and the exposures made within them. I think I’ll start to look for really colourful scenes with the pure aim to make prints.

I’m even contemplating getting some 16″x20″ sheets to make large prints and maybe even try it out in my Homemade camera but only when I have my own darkroom because the time needed to experiment would be insane.

Thats all for now.

See 2013’s darkroom day 1 for more stuff.


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