Pictures In An Exhibition

This is a quick wee post to say I’ve been very fortunate to be involved with the Alt-Photo Festival in Edinburgh.

I was asked to join James L Pearson and Iain Kendall to exhibit in a small venue called Tidalfire, an IT/Software training company who I believe may also be sponsoring or co-sponsoring the event.

Apparently when Tidalfire opened they didn’t have any artwork to adorn the walls so they asked local artists/photographers if they would like to show their work; they got interesting artwork for their clients to look at during training breaks and artists got to showcase their work.

Anyway, the theme was alternative processes and film based photography is now regarded as an alternate process so I set out to get a few digital prints made from scanned negatives and this is what I went for.

They looked fine but under closer inspection the two 35mm files I was planning to use were too noisy, digital noise mixed with high grain as both films were pushed.

I opted to pop in and use the Stills Gallery darkroom space to make last-minute wet prints the day before hanging.

I decided to stick with the field image but changed the street photo to a personal favourite of mine and a good example of how a photo can tell the truth and lie through its teeth at the same time; “The Arrest” (but I called it “Police” for the exhibition).

I had a great time printing in the darkroom, I even jumped between B&W and colour printing but more on colour printing another time!

James, Iain and I met on the afternoon of Tuesday 26 Feb and set up our framed images and I must say I think it looked pretty good. We still have to setup the front window but that’ll be done Friday 1st of March and might have one of these images in it:

… along with a few of these cameras:


If you’re in Edinburgh and are keen on checking out a few of the exhibitions check out the exhibitions list, our wee gallery space is open now between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday until the 12th of March.

I’m sure I’ll post an update of how it went some time in March.

7 thoughts on “Pictures In An Exhibition

  1. That looks like something wonderful to be involved in. The prints look great and while it is certain that I will not make to to Scotland in the next few weeks I have sent the link to enough of my pals that at least one of them should be able to give me a personal account of how they look..

    Great work Simon.


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