Arthur’s Seat, A Morning Stroll Part 2

Following up from my past Arthur’s Seat post I trundled around the hill a second morning and under snowy conditions too.

I was armed with the Koakamatic, a GF1 and my iPhone running the Thirty Six app.

The weather was cold, the light very low and blue so I let rip with the flash and slow shutter speeds.

The GF1 saw the most action but the Kodamatic made maybe 1 or 2 frames, still to be developed, and the iPhone a couple more.

Not all were worth showing but I uploaded a few that, to me, I found interesting.

It’s hard to really explain why I find them interesting but a comment from Booji Wooji Man, a Flickr user I’ve been following recently, might explain my angle; I have a background in painting.

I may have mentioned that before or even blogged about it but sometimes when someone else says it it sinks in more.

after Arthur's Seat

Maybe my eternal non-academic interest in the abstract expressionists impacts heavily on what I ‘visually’ like or what makes me feel more complete.

Jackson Pollock, 'Male and Female', 1942 - taken from the Artchive

… that almost entirely unconscious feeling I get that’s triggered by a collection of splattered colours and shapes, it could almost be described as irrational.

Jackson Pollock, 'Stenographic Figure', 1942 - taken from the Artchive

I mean just look at this stuff.

Richard Diebenkorn, 'Ocean Park No. 49', 1972 - taken from the Artchive Richard Diebenkorn 'Cityscape I (Landscape No. 1)', 1963 - taken from the Artchive

Richard Diebenkorn 'Urbana No.6', borrowed from

Cy Twombly, 'Bay of Naples', 1961 - borrowed from the Artchive

I recommend everyone head over to Mark Harden’s Artchive website for loads of great content, I’ve been browsing it for years.

I must donate something to help keep it going.


2 thoughts on “Arthur’s Seat, A Morning Stroll Part 2

  1. Wonderful photos! I didn’t realise Arthur’s Seat had so many trees… Realise that sounds like a silly comment, but it looks so bare from the bottom of the hills…


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