Thirty Six

I recently read an article @markolwick tweeted recently about an iPhone app that behaves like a 35mm camera.

It’s a photography app (£1.49 or around $1.99) that records only in black and white, kinda like a Leica Monochrome, but you can’t see any of your images until you ‘develop the roll’.

You have 36 exposures per roll, though you can stop and develop the roll early at any point. Once developed you can mark or favourite your best photos, rotate the phone into landscape and you get a contact sheet with your marked photos circled in red. You can also export that contact sheet as an image.

The images are interesting and quite contrasty like classic photo journalism of the 60s and works fairly well in low light probably because it doesn’t have to worry about colour so much.

There are some down sides with the release I’ve been using (1.0r27). I’ve found I can’t export all my selected images or all images from the roll to my photo library without producing an error. It gets about 5-8 images in before it throws up the error and aborts the export.

The good thing is it does manage to export all the images up to the error. In order to export the rest of the images you will have to uncheck the exported favourites and go again. If it errors again you repeat the process; it could just be my iPhone 4S which is running iOS6.1.

I still love the idea of not being able to chimp the photos. It took me a full day to make 36 photos when I could easily make that in a few minutes. A real 36exp. camera could take me a couple of days to run through 36 frames.

There is an option to save the original photos as well as the B&W processed images from the app.

More fun to be had with this I’m sure.


8 thoughts on “Thirty Six

  1. I might just be trolling here but I read this as “IPhone App is better than Leica”
    I think regardless of what you shoot with your personal creativity is unmatched. I always find what you are doing very fresh.


  2. Interesting. I saw both you and Mark talk about this app and was wondering if it would take. I love the idea of a contact sheet with the grease pencil, but I’m not sure I’d want to pay out the $$. But I also kinda sorta maybe wanna play with it… good nite!


    1. For me, I very very rarely buy apps anymore so spending cash on one is a rare event especially one over a £1.

      I guess you could just take photos and not look at the pictures or use an app like camera plus and try not to look at its image bank for a while then choose your images but its nice to have it done for you.



    1. I should’ve said in my post that the app isn’t free (a bit tired tonight!) it was £1.40 which translates to, but not accurately, around $1.99.

      I look forward to reading the article once I get som sleep!

      Thanks Rick.



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