The Life of Blurb

Not long after receiving my first blurb ‘test’ book I got started on another. This time I wanted to concentrate on my Casio night photos.

The style of images I make with the Casio are quite claustrophobic so I decided to opt for a claustrophobic style of book and went all out with pages full of images.

I’m not marking this book as a direct influence on the content of my book but I did have Bruce Gilden’s “A Beautiful Catastrophe” in mind when I was ‘designing’ my book as it’s wall to wall images with a few single pages with large print text (white on black).

I can’t write for porridge and often demonstrate this regularly here on my blog with massive grammatical errors scattered here and there, so I opted for minimal text.

The only text I went with was a brief description of the photos and an equally brief description of the camera and it’s functions.

The Build
This book is almost completely identical to the ‘test book’ but with 8 extra pages. Blurb offer a spectrum of ‘page tolerances’; 31-40 pages for ‘X’ cost; 41-50 pages for ‘Y’ cost and so on.

Extra costs like removing the Blurb logo or adding an electronic PDF version are also to be considered.

Like I said, my new Blurb book is the same as before but with more pages at no extra cost (within the X-40 page tolerance): Landscape 8×10 with 40 pages on Lustre paper in a soft back book (£17.49).

I opted to keep the Blurb logo saving about £3 compared to last time but chose to spend it on a PDF copy at £2.49 (I didn’t choose that last time).

The total cost turned out pretty much the same at £20.17 (£25.16 inc. postage) with a difference of 17p.

I’m humming and hawing about posting a link to download the PDF version from this blog but I’m still wondering where I might host it or if I even should.

More to come when I finally get the book.


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