On the Horizon

I’ve been a bit quiet recently mostly due to the time of year but also because I’ve been busy. Here’s a brief heads up to the themes and topics I have in mind over the coming months.

Colour Paper Negatives

I recently bought some Fuji Crystal paper normally used for printing colour negatives but I bought it with the sole intention of cutting the 8×10 paper to 5×4 sheets to photograph in one of my 5×4 cameras. It’s been an exciting journey and I may have it cracked.

Portrait Project/Ultra Large Format

This started to stall near the end of the year but it stalled at a good point so a few odds and ends about that to come. The image is a very tight crop of a photo Iain Kendall kindly made of me.


I was batting about this tag before the Christmas break #MakePrints, since then Calor_Gas_Terry chipped in with a better one, #BelieveInPrints. Making prints of your photos is very important regardless if it’s digital or darkroom. More on this coming soon.

Ultra Large Format Goes Larger
>Image on Lens Arrival<

Although my 500mm Carl Zeiss Jena has great coverage it drops off giving photos of subjects further than 2m-3m away a massive bowl of vignette pasta splatted over their head. I will soon be welcoming a Rodenstock lens with 24×24 coverage. Lots more on this to come including the inevitably hilarious how to get it tacked onto the homemade camera drama.

Homemade Books

When reading Sleeping Beauty to my daughter the other night I spent a portion of my time eyeing up how the book was bound. This compounded my interest late last year in making my own photobooks with original ‘artist prints’. This is a slow burner but it’s on the menu.

The Shrapnel

This is in reference to all the random little things I’ll be doing alongside these ‘projects’, things like; street photography; urban nightmare, still very well alive; urban landscape photos; Abandoned Edinburgh, now that’s a winner; TV jitters/glitches; and abstract flash experiments.


One or two things to keep me occupied and interested in visual imagery/communication.

What are you up to, what are your plans for the new year?
Let me know.

6 thoughts on “On the Horizon

  1. hey man, not to sound retarded but how do I get to this believe in prints thing? I’m quite intrigued by the spiral bound book…looks like a nice in between traditional chemist prints and an actual book. Do I need twtiter or something?

    Also quite taken by the idea of making photo-books myself and the idea of the photo-narrative/body of work versus the single photo. Thinking about making sort of fancy schmancy scrap/photo book things for say upcoming holidays or whatever as a primer for the “real thing”


    1. Hi Gavin.

      Believe In Prints and Make Prints was just a hash tag I used to promote the idea of printing our photos like we would’ve done 5, 10 or 15 years ago. I forgot how great holding a photo was and wanted to spark interest again.

      With regards to books I was simply using Snap Fish (HP) who are a print service partnered with Flickr. I’ve recently been using them to print my digital photos and I’ve been impressed enough by the relative low cost and decent quality.

      I went on to try out their book options, firstly a photo book of my daughter for my parents then that wee spiral bound photo book of street/urban photos.

      The spiral book was for me to carry about with me and show people if they took an interest, positive or otherwise, in what I was doing on the street. I got the idea from interviews with NY street photography legend Bruce Davidson.

      The books are great but they have Snap Fish and HP logos printed at the rear which is annoying but it inspired me to make my own. In fact I’ve literally just finished a sewing test with printer paper. Building even a basic book will take a while but it’s quite therapeutic.

      I guess there’s always sites like blurb, they offer a book production service where you can design your own from scratch and use the site to sell them but I’ve heard conflicting views on the finish quality against the cost.

      The hardest part in making a book would be building the narrative and which direction you want to go.

      For making prints, checkout the snap fish prices, 6×4 inch prints are something like 9p each up to £1.20 for a 12×8 inch print. My spiral bound book cost just over £10 for 44 images spiral bound in a fairly basic fashion.

      I would finish my unexpected ad campaign for Snap Fish by advising you to always do a preview to see if there’s any cropping on your photos then choose the appropriate dimensions.

      Sorry this response has been so long.



  2. Great blog post! I admire your clear vision and flare for thinking up interesting projects and I really enjoy following along. Keep up the great work! I should try to do something similar (a blog post) to give me some focus and goals to achieve for 2013.


    1. Thanks James.

      The list purely came from what I generally already have in play at the moment and the book thing has been boiling for a few months. I’ll probably be watching some book binding YouTube videos during lunch breaks for the next few moths.

      I don’t normally make lists like this, maybe it’s a new leaf thing?


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