What Happened Last Night?

Breaking away from my homemade camera I turn to an afternoon adventure that went into the early evening; an evening of 12% beers like Arbor’s Down Deeperer.

The work’s night out!

Pre-meal Buzz


The Meal and Extras


The Hanging Bat and the Decent Into a Blur

Get more money from the cash machine

Pretend to, but then actually, knee Rad in the balls.

Moving on to another venue


have you heard of the SAS Sonny?

I don’t remember much about this conversation but the guy kept mentioning the SAS; Special Air Service, or Super Army Soldiers if you’re a fan of Ricky Gervais’ comedy series ‘Extras’.

He kept pretending to kick and punch me while he chatted to me about what makes someone Scottish. An odd topic.

He said that if you’re born here in Scotland you’re Scottish. I asked, what if a couple from Poland moved here and had a child would that child be Scottish but he turned his back shaking his head, probably prompting more punching and kicking actions.

He was an interesting chap who appeared to have stopped in for a drink before heading up to the Royal Infirmary. It looked like he had something around his wrist that looked like a cross between a name tag and a bandage with spots of blood on it.

I don’t remember much from the evening but I liked some of the 131 photos I found on my camera the next day.

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