Urban Nightmare

‘Urban Nightmare’ is mini-project I’ve been thinking about recently. Ghostly images of mostly urban wooded areas utilising the slow shutter speed style I’ve recently been using for my night street photos.

The best time to go out is just as the night creeps in, this allows you to have a soft velvet sky lurking behind whatever the flash manages to freeze in the foreground.

The mode I’m using on the Casio is mode: 14 which is called ‘Soft Flowing Water’. It has a shutter speed of half a second, enough to do something interesting.

The first thing I do is change the focus mode from auto to manual to cut down as much lag between the pressing of the shutter and the picture actually being taken.

The problem with this range of digital P&S cameras is the ‘think’ time they need before making the photo. Even with Otto focus off the metering appears to take quite a few fractions of seconds before it’s ready.

What you have to do is guess the timing for your subject to be in frame, all that is can be tough for street style photos but for these Urban Nightmare photos it’s easy except when framing in the dark (disclaimer).

Here’s a gallery of what I’ve been up to with a video version uploaded to YouTube with that classic track from Artie Shaw, Nightmare.


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