(More) Street Photography (Less Stuff)

Day 3 photographing and my 2 day max burnout prediction comes true. I took 4 photos today and they were all shit.

Anyway, more Street Photography but (a little) less chatter about doubting my own creative juices.

One thing I’ve been doing with my Panasonic DMC-GF1, or GF1 for short, is use it in manual mode. This is great for forcing the camera to not average the light it sees or miss-guess what I wanted it to do.

This has been pretty important when the light has been so contrasty over the past few days as the GF1’s ‘P’ mode, or Otto’s big brother, just averages everything into shit.

What I had been doing was use the preview mode to measure what the sun-splashed well-lit spaces look like and make them the subject.

It’s been such a long time since the sun has been shinning here I wanted to make the most of this beautiful bright low light.

The problem is the little screen sometimes lies and I end up over exposing everything which immediately highlights to me the limitations with digital, and by digital I mean RAW and by limitations I mean when I screw up.

My iPhone light meter has also been a little bit buggy and has lied about a couple of exposures but with film I have a wee bit of a cushion.

With film the latitude is pretty good when you screw up, for digital RAW it’s been pretty shit. Maybe my GF1’s version of RAW is old in comparison to 2012’s RAW but it’s all I’ve got.

This post isn’t about film vs digital, I think I’m being fair, I’ll still happily use both mediums.

My next photo outing must not include The Royal Mile in Edinburgh. I think I’ve done that street to death and the whole Tourist trap.

I also think I need to maybe get out of the city for a while, take different kinds of photos or even start a new project like maybe approaching a boxing club to take photos of them training like a photojournalist, something like that. Merge two of my interests.

I’d also like to start a portrait project and get some good portrait practice in, especially with the Crown Graphic.

This post has been a little less depressing than last one but still a tad down-beat.

Hopefully next time I’ll have good ‘stuff’, until then keep on trucking!



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