Urban Dream 1

My obsession with everything ‘urban’ continues …

My next urban excursion is going to have to be a search for ‘positive’ constructions within a cityscape. I think I’m focusing too much on what is going wrong or broken with a city; the Elastoplast or ‘Band-aid’ fixes mixed with the disregard and maybe even contempt some of the inhabitants have for it, what I’m calling ‘the shit in your own garden principal‘.

If I can’t find anything positive I’ll try for something pretty or unusual.

Anyway, here’s a little piece of cheery music to put you in the mood while looking at my photos. According to the videos comments, this piece was used in the adult nightmare TV show ‘Skins’.

The following photos was an experimentation with Kodak EDUPE film, a fairly slow chrome film used for duplicating documents or something like that.

The box doesn’t give you an ISO rating and it took me a couple of rolls to figure it out but the best rating for this film is ISO64. Here I’ve XPro’d it in C41.

IR at night with the Casio and an IR ready flash. There’s an eery quality to night flash in a city that wreaks of fear and dirt. I guess half the battle to create positive urban photography is how the camera is used and when almost as much as subject.

“The world is what you make it”


Corporate, Council and “trying new things”

This is the end.


The world is what you make it.

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