Crail 2012, Zorki (part 2)

Finishing off the Zorki-ness here with some Kodak Max Ultra or something and Fuji and HP5 Plus at 1600.

Starting at Crail Harbour.

There’s always something going on in the harbour. On the night below there were rowers from a rowing club out and about then a family, I think the family that run Crail Pottery, also appeared for a spot of canoeing and motorboat assisted donut riding.

A protest and then some lobsters.

We’re in Pittenweem now for a spot of crab hunting and I also saw my first chicken on a beach here too. My scanner struggled with the negatives here thinking green or blue was cool.

After we let the crabs go we decided to go back to Crail and bomb a Lucazade bottle in the sea.

‘Flag of the Day’ was something we only noticed near the end of our stay in Crail. A tradition that was started a few years ago by another resident who had passed away but the tradition continued here.

As you’d expect, every day had saw new flag. Pretty cute. We had a brief chat with the ‘flag people’ the day we were leaving.

That pretty much sums up the photos form my holiday, about time, but there may be a few lurking on a roll of Kodak VPS film I’ve only just finished in the C330.


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