Crail 2012, Mamiya C330

It’s Mamiya C330 time!

After seeing the scans from this camera I insta-tweeted how much I loved it. The photos were alright, compositional/exposure-ally speaking, but the look from them was beautiful, to me.

I ended up using a roll of Foma 400 and a roll of Kodak Vericolor 3 which expired around the 80’s but hadn’t been kept well until it reached me. In fact, I think it may have taken a few extra bars of health off my new C41 kit.

First roll through this lovely camera was the Foma 400.
We went to Hill of Tarvit which was giving me one heart murmur after another thanks to a violently unhappy child.

Photography in the building wasn’t permitted but fine on the grounds and maybe in the Laundry House. The last two frames above were taken at 1/8, ƒ2.8 or ƒ3.5 while balancing the camera on table edges.

Since I think of medium format film as some sort of gold bullion I try not to blast through rolls like a 35mm camera so I held off the last few frames for family.

Developing: 11m in stock Microphen at around 20º semi-stand (also developing a roll of 35mm HP5Plus at 1600), fix for 5m Rapid Fixer 1+4.

Kodak Vericolor 3 or VPS film, 160ASA re-rated at ISO100.
I kept this roll mostly for family stuff with a little exception.

This structure I’ve found interesting for a couple of years now. I wonder what it might have been used for?

The field around the structure was full of dug up broccoli.

I still struggle composing and focusing on moving objects like wee kids so that’s my explanation for this blurry photo of Anna.

… and for this sharper one.

The house we stayed in.

A miss fire …

The morning glow through our bedroom curtains.

Only 7 photos out of 12 due to a few failed ideas.

Developing: Tetenal Colortec C41 for 3m 20s, BLIX for 4m.

The End

There might be an addendum to this as I believe I loaded the last roll of Vericolor while on holiday but I’m not sure.

4 thoughts on “Crail 2012, Mamiya C330

  1. Nice shots. How’s the c-41 kit treating you? Have heard it can be difficult to get correct results from processing color on your own.


    1. Really ? I hadn’t heard that.
      All I know is that dev times appear to be the same for all speeds unless you want to push/pull.

      Of course colours can be manipulated digitally or by filters when printing so I guess it doesn’t really matter unless the shifts are wild but I haven’t seen that except for my Industar/Jupiter lenses which is probably down to the lens coatings.


  2. Nice.You have some very good BW images. Really like the antique clothes ringer. The wee one is a cutie pie. We also like the fact that there are a couple of “slight miscalculations” also included. That’s what photography is all about. The light thru the curtain is great.


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