Crail 2012, Zorki

Following on from last post here’s what the Zorki 4K saw through the Jupiter 12, 35mm 2.8 lens.

These are the sort of highlights from 3 out of 6 rolls used. Of the other three, two are colour so they’ll be developed when my new C41 kit arrives.

I’m looking forward to seeing the colour films because they were 2 rolls of 400 colour film shot at ISO 250. I’ve been reading you’re supposed to overexpose colour films so I’m looking forward to seeing if it makes the images look better.

So – yo, she-bitch. Let’s go!

First Supper

Crail Harbour

I used Ilford’s HP5Plus film which is rated at 400 but pushed it to 1600 on hearing it can be pushed with decent enough results. Rather than test one roll to see if it’s fine or not I went ahead and pushed 4 rolls. How about that then?

I think the results are actually OK and I’d certainly do it again especially with street style photography.

The Waters Edge

The House

Behind The Scenes

Inside Crail


I started to use my backup flash for the first time with the Zorki 4K but even setting the shutter speed to 1/30 the maximum flash sync speed I was occasionally getting banding that was reminiscent with the SS being too fast.

There are a couple of flash ‘modes’ on the flash itself which I need to lookup a manual online but I was certain it stayed on M for Mañuel. I guess I could’ve nudged the flash mode ring around the SS dial from X to M and maybe the M mode on the Zorki needs a slower SS.

Who knows!

Odds ‘n’ Ends

the Brownie was lit from above by my iPhone


le fin!


This isn’t the end for the Zorki. I have one roll of HP5Plus to finish and develop then the colour rolls which should be quite funny.

I was using colour film when we went crab hunting with my brother-in-law and his young kids, one of whom managed to fall into the sea about 5 times while trying to fish out a lucazade bottle to bomb with rocks.


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