Crail 2012, GF1

As I said in my last post I didn’t use the GF1 much, I preferred to stroll around with the Zorki, but I did try out a couple of flash setups.

To start with there was a late evening run down to the beach to try a long exposure with the Crown Graphic using Portra 400 and the GF1.

I can’t remember the timings for the Portra, maybe over a minute at f-whatever, but for the GF1 it was a minute at ƒ22, ISO 400.

Indoor flash with Anna in the bath.

External flash fill. 1/80 at ƒ16-ƒ22 still using ISO 400.

I found myself enjoying the RAW files more than my hyper contrasty B&W JPEG custom mode though very little tweaking was made. I like the underexposed look.

More external flash in the Garden

Two takes with the external flash unit positioned in the house itself. 1/50-1/80, ƒ10-ƒ13 all ISO 400.

Along side the GF1 I also tried out the same setup with the Zorki but since I was pushing that film from 400 – 1600 it looked more like daylight in the end.

While out and about I tried to find weird compositional shapes. This makes me think of an abstract chicken head or something

This was an odd structure I saw on the way back from Hill of Tarvit

More garden action this time using reflected light from the house

Down on the beach

That pretty much sums up the GF1, I really didn’t use it much at all.

Next up will probably be the Zorki since I used that most of all. I still have one roll of black and white film to finish to complete the set but I don’t think I’ll have much on it because I used the Jupiter 8, 50mm, when I really needed the 35mm but you never know.



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