Crail 2012, Casio Exilim

I’m back from Holiday and actually did manage to use all the cameras I took though a few accessories and a couple of rolls came back unused.

I’ve decided to start the first gallery with the Casio Exilim IR camera then move on from there to the likes of the GF1, which I didn’t use much, then the Zorki, the Mamiya C330, the Zeiss Ikon and the Crown Graphic. Great Scott (Man, this is heavy)!

I’ve only developed black and white but I have a new Tetenal C41 kit on the way. Anyway, loads of film was exposed to light, and a couple of digital sensors, so here we go!

The Crail Art Club. They seemed to live in the harbour.

Allan Hill Farm where Anna had a spectacular melt down over a packet of Pombears.


Next up – GF1


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