Off on Holiday

Later today we’ll be off on holiday to (fingers crossed) sunny Fife. That’s Fife Scotland not Fyffe Alabama.

This is what I’m taking:

Crown Graphic
Mamiya C330
Zorki 4K: 35mm Jupiter 12 and a 50mm Jupiter 8
GF1: Lumix 14mm – 42mm
Zeiss Ikon Nettar
Casio Exilim (IR).

2 x ND8
2 x R72
Hoya Polariser
Step up rings for the Zorki and C330
External flash
Cold shoe to hot shoe adapter with PC cord
iShoot remote flash system
External rangefinder to help if I go freehand with the Crown Graphic
Chargers for the Casio and the GF1

Portra 400
Efke 820
Adox 100.

Ilford Delta 100
Ilford XP2 400
Fomapan 400
Kodak Vericolor 3.

Ilford HP5 Plus 400

2GB SD Card

The chances of me using all of this are a bit slim if the weather is shit, and there’s a lot of potential for that, so Flickr followers beware!



2 thoughts on “Off on Holiday

  1. Hi, I also have a Jupiter 8 lens with a very sloppy aperture ring. Did a search online for possible solutions and came across some advice which solved the issue. Very easy, simply turn and unscrew the front element and carefully put some tape, I used the fabric backed variety, around the thin black barrel on the very back of the piece unscrewed. This seems to be just the right thickness to add friction to the aperture ring. It is a little stiff maybe but as the unit is clickless I don’t mind this, less likely to get knocked and changed.


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