Ed Ross

I was listening to Mat Marash’s interview the other day with Bill Schwab at his Photostock 2012 event for the Film Photography Projects podcast. They were discussing some of the projects Bill Schwab had in the pipeline one of which was book with wet plate photographer Ed Ross who is releasing a book of wet plate nudes with North Light Press called ‘Femme Fatale‘.

I tweeted this yesterday but I think it requires a blog post entry as well.

I Goggled Ed Ross immediately as wet plate is something I’m seriously considering like eating liver with fava beans with maybe a nice Merlot, no a chianti. The idea of posing models with a process that often requires a number of seconds per exposure was intriguing.

Anyway, I’m not going to post any pictures of Ed Ross’ work or Bill Schwab’s because this is an off-the-cuff on-the-toilet blog post with no time to ask permission to use them.

All I’ll say is if you like wet plate photography, nudes of the feminine variety and kick ass images then follow them links.

More North Light books here: http://northlightpress.com/bookshelf/index.html


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