Ideas In An Exhibition

I have a few posts I want to do but I’ve decided to do a post about stumbling through the Royal Museum Edinburgh (or whatever it’s called) on Chambers Street.

First we had to get there:

Before we left the house I decided to shake up the filters on the Casio. I went for an orange filter, then red and then the Neewer R72. I also decided to add a black & white software filter to save me desaturating each frame in iPhoto or whatever.

I believe the software filter has noticeably added extra processing time to each frame which is eating into the cameras ability to capture images quickly.

Anyway, before we get to the museum we meet up with relatives and their 3 kids to assault the target.

It’s busy but not insane.

We trundle around checking out quite a few of the exhibits. The good thing was that everyone is taking photos and G4S were nowhere in sight.

I forgot how impressive this place is with lots of really interesting things all around, I even managed to find a nice rooftop view out over the city.

The Wild Bunch get restless and start to get bored.

When the going gets tough you lie down.

Time to leave.

We head out onto the streets and make our way to the train station to see off the relatives just as the rain starts.

IR cameras don’t function too well in false lit areas and especially when there are 3 layers of filters on the lens.

Onward to the end and we get drenched …

I was also sporting the delightful Olympus Trip 35 today with a roll of HP5Plus though it doesn’t appear to be functioning as well as it used to (the focus and exposure rings on the barrel feel a bit loose). I finished the roll but I’m too tired to develop anything tonight so I’ll leave it for Sunday morning.

Keep making images, whatever they may be, because it’s genuinely great fun.


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