Something Strange in the Camera Hood

I decided to take a nice wee stroll home through Princes Street tonight to take advantage of the nice weather (because it’ll probably be pissing it tomorrow).

Anyway, I had with me my Trip 35 and a pint of the usual, the Casio Exilim IR … blah blah blah, so I took a few snaps of a few things here and there.

Here’s the ‘normal stuff’ …

and some more here …

And then I took this photo …

I thought nothing of it, there were a few things going on and although my timing was off, thanks to Otto, I did like her ‘hero’ pose. Then I looked at the full size image instead of the thumbnail and realised my camera had managed to see through her running tights.

At first I wondered if I should post it but since it’s not showing everything I thought I’d only post it here the once.

Maybe I’ll reserve street photography style photos to cameras that capture ‘regular’ light in future unless it’s late at night using the IR flash.


Anyway, here’s a few other images from my ‘photo-walk’ home tonight …

The Trip roll has a few shots left in it so that’ll be a while yet.

Next up might be the Zorki!


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