Abstract Nude Goes Wild

Last night my wee daughter succumbed to a vomiting virus and puked all over her mother which is turning into a regular event these days.

I took the day off to practice my puke catching skills with basins which also afforded some time between that and a little bit of remote working to ‘do’ a painting.

I like a lot of different approaches to painting which frequently drifts wildly between fairly objective realism to, and I tried to resist quoting Dr. Octagon but I can’t: “wacky stuff, like gas passing dinosaurs“.

That horrendous tick aside – I’ve been through many disguises with my own mark making or whatever you want to call it that I, on this day, found myself making a weird organic abstract nude crossed with I don’t know what.

I know this though, it isn’t quite finished yet.


Stage 1: figure out what to paint from my wee moleskin sketchbook and start to block it out.

Stage 2: try to find which lines I like the look of from the sketch and see if they ‘work’ for me.

Stage 3: block out some more, stop for an hour to see if Anna is going to puke again.

Stage 4: paint in some more of those lines with the odd flourish and fall in love with a paintbrush from artist friend Colin that is the way it is because it’s been hammered by turps and lost a few strands of hair.

A photo taken by Anna and bloody hell she’s getting better already!

Below is Anna messing about with a sheet of protective paper for the floor left and right, how the day started (at about 2am).

I’m sure I’ll add more to it but I think it’s pretty much done.

Back to camera stuff soon!


3 thoughts on “Abstract Nude Goes Wild

    1. Hey thanks! I’ve been enjoying your blog posts too.

      I liked you r life drawing posts, I loved life drawing at art college. I might seek out some courses at my local art college to brush up (no pun intended).


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