IR Flash (supplemental)

Remember this Frankenstein creation?

"IR Flash Gun" by Sibokka photo by Sibokk on Flickr.

As Irish comedic legend Jimmy Cricket once said … “there’s more”.

Come closer, there’s more …

Lean in, there’s even more …

Notice with the above image that the filter is completely transparent. An R72 filter to human eyes* is normally solid black under normal lighting conditions.

With the Casio, the exposure time is half a second in this capture mode so my timing has to be muy buenos. In a semi-lit environments I will get serious blur and you can see this in the background of a couple of the images above.

Anyway, this was just a supplement to something I’ll probably expand on even more at a later date (if I’m ever outside when it’s dark).


Hopefully in the next few days I can get the Mamiya Universal out with some FP100C but I’d like to see some sun first. I do have a backlog of FP100C negatives to bleach so I might get some of that done soon.

* I should mention the link on ‘human eyes’ above does go to the gruesome eye-poke scene in Zombie Flesh Eaters and it’s not pleasant.

– keep making pictures (mu’afukahs!)


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