On The Road To Nowhere

Recently I’ve been snapping away while travelling to work out at Easterbush, Roslin (near Dolly). I’ve even decided to get off the bus early to do a couple of photo-walks but each time I got absolutely pissed on.

Here we go and the theme is ‘Urbana’ or ‘Modern Living’ or ‘Cityscape’ or ‘Is This It?’.

Here we go …

That’ll do for now I guess.

Some of these are viewable on my Flickr Photostream but I’m trying to cut down on how much I show there because I take a lot of photographs and don’t want to ruin the feeds of the folk that have me as a contact there.


4 thoughts on “On The Road To Nowhere

    1. Sorry Trixieindixie, I’m not on Google+ though I was for about a week when it first launched. Though sparse in activity at the time it felt like Facebook and I’d cancelled my account with them around that time.

      I doubt I’ll join a social network like that again.


      1. Thankfully it isn’t like Facebook, which is why I’m there. But still, it’s not for everyone. Thanks for responding.


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