"Three Cute Dogs" by Sibokk
“Three Cute Dogs”, a photo by Sibokk on Flickr.

It’s been a wee while but there’s been a few recent-ish attempts to shoot Urban/Street stuff from low light to night light.
On with the show …

Cities are dirty places, there’s always junk or ‘kipple‘ lying around like the guts of a bin hanging out for all to see, filthy phone boxes and debris by bus stops.

Urban scenes splattered with light from a flash can sometimes look quite interesting …

… extending that to trees, bushes and other natural/organic elements is also interesting to me but I’ve yet to understand what I want to see or feel about it.

I’ve mostly been favouring the GF1 for urban flash pictures because of the higher sync speed compared to the 30+ old film cameras I have.

I guess this is a recurring theme: when the natural meets the un-natural or when mankind programs nature into his ideas …

… and we pop along to watch it like attending a zoo.

There’s a few types of Urban like construction or environmental construction.

Places to live and work …

… and the desolation that occasionally comes with them.

That last image there is a wee gibe at social or ‘collative humanitarian’ desolation. At least in the previous photos there’s a modicum of hope for reconstruction.

I’ve also had a thing for signage of late especially ‘censored’ signs or signs designed to reflect light to which I’ve also dedicated a Flickr set.

Lastly, is this the urban ideal?

Depressing Epilogue: are we just herded cattle in a large grey box?

Sorry it got all depressing at the end there, this can happen when your daughter doesn’t go to sleep until 4.45am and you have to be up at 6am.

Until next time, chin-up and keep shooting with whatever you’ve got.


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