IR Jolly Mixtures

"IR Flash Gun" by Sibokka photo by Sibokk on Flickr.

Yes, I’m still fannying about with IR especially digital IR.

I was reading a post about how to make your own IR flash gun using an R72 filter so the first thing I did was hop over to and buy another of my favourite cheap IR filters: a Neewer R72 even though they’ve gone up in price to £6.05 from £5.40 or sutin).

The post simply said to use an R72 filter over a light-tight flash unit so only that frequency of light is flashed and another R72 filter on the lens so the camera only sees this light. Pretty simple.

Since I’m using the shitiest type of camera it’s difficult to do off-camera flash properly so what I decided to do was select a slow-shutterspeed mode (that’s mode 14: ‘Soft Flowing Water’) and tape the filter to the front.

I half-press the shutter button to Otto focus, fully press to open the shutter then fire the flash which is now a tiny wee red half glow.

I think the shutter stays open for about 1-2 seconds so if the room/space isn’t dark enough I quickly hide the lens against my jumper.

Like I said, this camera really is a shitty digital P&S so if I wanted to have clean IR flash shots I would need a camera with manual controls. Since I don’t currently have this option it’s all about the Casio Exilim (and one other undisclosed digital P&S rated at 12MP ripe for converting on it’s way to me).


Anyway, test shots aside, I took this contraption to the wedding of a friend and Edinburgh Art College sculpture graduate Darren Farquhar.

I first let rip with the camera/filter as normal on the beautiful landscapes around Glass where I used to jam with him and his brother David with whom I also went to high school in Huntly.

David, Darren and I used to be in a band called Sidka Spruce or Sidca named after the Sitka Spruce, a Christmas Tree. I think it was because David/Darren’s dad worked with the Forestry commission or that we were quite rural.

Of course when I say I used to be in the band I really mean I turned up with my bass/bass amp, tried to learn Dave’s songs and help sculpt bits to go with other ones.

I was only on the scene for a short while as I ended up in Dundee Art College 1995-ish and into a Dundonian/American punk band called The Panics, (not these guys) named after the Screeching Weasel drummer, but I have very fond memories of that practice byre in Glass and pints of tea!


So, back to the IR flash!

I wondered about trying to get this thing working but as I’ve said twice already it’s a really shitty digital P&S and I’m bending the rules quite a bit which = very mixed results.

It sorta works and sorta doesn’t in the same breath.

It really is a case of pure luck, exposure can’t really be preset so it’s go with the flow. Open the shutter – fire the flash – release and cross those fingers!

I’ll leave this entry for now as I’ll probably touch back on the IR-ness of the wedding day itself once I develop the roll or two of B&W film from the Mamiya C330, the Fuji Velvia and HP5Plus from the Zorki (and the colour roll from the ‘second-pass’ Halina 35x).

I’m feeling quite tired from driving home so I hope this post makes sense!

Happy shooting muddy funsters!



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