The Hills Are Alive

Over the past year or so I’ve been obsessing over a couple of things. One has been Pylons and the other has been a small group of hills opposite my office at the Vet School, Easterbush.

Every time I look out something different is usually happening: interesting clouds, large reaching shadows cast by said clouds, streaks of sun, snow etc.

The weather has been pretty poor lately so I’m seeing lots of dark grungy swirling mists that make the hills look like a scene from an apocalyptic movie.

Add to all these ‘moods’ combinations of different lens filters for long exposures and the Casio Exilim which I’d removed the IR filter from its sensor. With these you start to get something interesting.

The GF1 with the Neewer R72 ‘IR’ filter can produce an effect that reminds me of “Piss Christ” by Andre Serrano. What an odd thing to remember.

The Casio IR Photos I’m very keen on. I have to combine it with the Neewer R72 filter because there’s a coating on the window glass that neutralise the IR effect. Green foliage becomes green again where normally it’d be red or an orangey/yellow colour. The R72 filter cuts through nicely.

As I continue the photos start to be more about what’s around the hills rather than just the hills themselves or they become abstract shapes.

I’ve even thrown a 5×4 at it, though it didn’t come out so well.

I think it’s the dynamic yet almost rhythmic flow of peaks and troughs that are pleasing to my eye.

I’ll leave it here for now because this isn’t all of them and I’m still finding the odd one or two here and there in my Flickr Photostream.


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