Kodak No. 2A Folder Premo

"Street Photography Meet Up" by Sibokk "Street Photography Meet Up" by Sibokk
“Kodak No.2A”, a photo by Sibokk on Flickr.

This is the Kodak No.2A Folding Premo released around the 1930s that uses 130 film which is just a wee bit bigger than 120 maybe half a centimetre or so.

It doesn’t have a fast lens though dialling in from f6 to f64 with speeds of Bulb, 1/25, 1/50 and 1/100. Patented in 1813 (!?!).

Film sizes

Since this camera is close to 120 film I’ll start with that(?). WRONG! You start with 35mm of course!

In my dark bag I stripped the film from a roll of 24 frame 35mm Konica R100 and taped both ends to two spare 130 spools loading both into the back compartment. Looking at the above image you can see that the whole front standard and bellows comes off and the film is loaded into the back box. Needless to say the film counter window needs taped up.

Focusing on this guy similar to the Kodak No3A, the front standard has a little lever that locks into defined notches, measured in feet and meters, 2.5 meters to 30 meters. I guess infinity is just a wee bit behind 30 meter notch.

For framing, you look down into the viewfinder ‘dongle’ for lack of a better word which consists of a cross for landscape and portrait. The viewfinder dongle can swivel when held between portrait and landscape orientations.

Framing a shot with 35mm film is interesting because when you look down into the viewfinder element you try to imagine the crop but the glass on this guy isn’t so clear and the view is slightly warped. It’s really only a guide.

Zone focusing with the Zorki has been helping me guesstimate distances but I still find it quite difficult to do.

The condition of this folder is not so good compared to the others with it’s faux leather peeling off as the glue disintegrates. It just needs a little TLC, some steel wool and more glue and it might be OK. The bellows look good though and that’s most important.

It’s another wonderfully unusual camera (in the world of today) to play with and definitely warrants further use. The next Kodak camera will be the Kodak ‘Kodamatic’ No.2C


2 thoughts on “Kodak No. 2A Folder Premo

  1. Thanks for these great posts about these old Kodak folders. I love seeing your creative use of them. I have a few of these as well, and have only shot with one so far, only to find that one of the metal rollers was stuck and was putting lots of scratches in my film emulsion as I wound it. I look forward to experimenting more with them though, and your posts have inspired me to pull them off the shelf.


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