When Art Attacks (again)

"Brownie in the Park" by Sibokk
“Two Diamonds”, a photo by Sibokk on Flickr.

It’s been a while since I’ve done something like this so I’ll drop in an ‘off topic’ post before getting back to the main reason I blog: talking crap about my experiences taking making photos.

I’ve recently been watching lots of documentaries on art, real art that is, and especially Mathew Collings 90’s documentary on Modern Art. There’s also a book to accompany the series.

I was an ‘art’ student in the ’90s and used to draw and paint a lot (above) and when I say ‘a lot’ I’m not even remotely joking. I used to paint and draw all the time at college, out of it, around it and after it.

Janet and George were quite content in the office until the new guy warned them both about the "White Hole". Now they felt uneasy and struggled to work 100%

I eventually burnt out in early-mid 2000’s and came to despise pretty much all art except the hateful little scrawls I made when coming to terms with a soulless job I didn’t enjoy (above).

Around 2007 I started painting and drawing again and getting back into the mark making business (below).

This interest again slowed down when my daughter was born in 2009 but at least it didn’t end in me hating ‘art’ again.

Now in 2012 I’ve picked up the brush and pencil again, looking to perhaps restart and see what interests me now. A “here we go again” affair. I wonder how long this episode will last?

The best part of doing a wee bit of painting this time around was getting Anna’s input:

It all starts with The Sketch!

The canvas, donated from my real artist friend Colin Dunbar.

Blocking in the sky, introducing Anna to the paint.

Anna blocking in some sort of ochre yellow colour.

Anna discovers red as I fill in some buildings.

Anna discovers purple.

With a few potty intervals and restricting access to paint due to the now high levels of paint on Anna I mark out the rest, but still not finished.

It’s all too much. Things go quiet next door and she’s asleep.
Anna Tired from Painting

There might be more of this sort of stuff. You never know.


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