Halina 35X Testing Testing ..

"Halina 35x" by Sibokk
“Halina 35x”, a photo by Sibokk on Flickr.

I’ve had this camera hanging around for quite some time, it came as part of a MASSIVE shipment of unwanted cameras and filters from a charity shop selling on eBay. £22 for the lot.

Yes this Halina camera does look quite fetching with it’s beautiful looking design but lets not get too carried away as it’s a bit flawed.

Firstly the lens barrel came off in my hand when trying to loosen it up, as it was quite stiff, and when I tried putting it back on I couldn’t get the numbers aligned with the red indicator properly. This means 6ft may not actually be 6ft anymore etc.

Secondly, shutter speeds … the slower speeds are now all very similar but bulb no longer works, it just holds open for a second or so then closes. The faster speeds felt OK with the fastest at 1/200 then 1/100, 1/50 to 1/25.

The other thing is the lens itself – it was very soft, maybe too soft, but it could just be dirt though I didn’t check it properly before testing. I might clean the lens and put another roll through it to see.

The last thing is the amount of light leaks though some could have been from the film loader used to load the film canister but for the next outing, if there is one, I’ll be taping up the camera.


4 thoughts on “Halina 35X Testing Testing ..

  1. Hi Paul!

    I was just wondering whether you’ve used your Halina 35x in darker conditions or indoors at all? Even using the largest apertures I can only seem to get good results out of mine in bright conditions, which isn’t ideal.




    1. Hi Kate.

      In case Paul doesn’t reply I’ll chip in to say the 35X has a slow-ish lens at ƒ3.5 so in low light you’d need to slow down your shutter speed to 1/25th or Bulb mode and hope what your photographing doesn’t move, use that in combination with 3200 film and try pushing it. A good external light meter would really help, Sekonic make really good light meters and you might be able to pick one up cheaply on eBay.

      I’d even recommend having a flash handy, setting the camera to bulb then pressing and holding open the shutter then firing the flash at your subject followed by quickly releasing the shutter. I think the 35X is only calibrated for bulb flashes with PC ports not modern xenon hot-shoe flashes.



  2. How did you get on with your 35X? I’ve had one for ages and recently really been into digital photography. I want to get back “to my roots” though, and thought the 35x hanging about would be a good introduction with some nice Ilford film.

    Don’t get me wrong – to be honest I WANT this camera to be leaky and interesting. Years of me taking pristine digital prints, although gorgeous, makes me want to look for something more analogue and random. Not as a main camera, but something more for fun and for “unknown” creative stuff..

    So – is the camera still in use, and if it is do you use it in its raw state as you got it, or have you tried to improve it.. What issues did you get with loading/unloading the film? For instance – in the scanned manual I’ve managed to get my hands on – it says, once you’ve loaded the film “Set the exposure counter with the ‘0’ against the red triangle” – any idea how to do that?? Once the film’s in and wound on there doesn’t seem to be a way to set the counter at all – what it’s on, is what it’s on. It’s not a major issue, just wondered if there was a way, other than sticking something on the back to let you know where it was when you loaded =)

    Anyway – I hope you’re enjoying it, if it’s still in use, and I’d be interested to see anymore photos you’ve taken with it =)


    1. Hi Paul.

      Unfortunately my 35x was in a bad way wen I got it and when focusing the lens barrel can off in my hand(!). I still managed to put a roll through it but the results weren’t great. If I saw another one I might pick it up if its cheap because it pretty cute.

      I tried screwing the barrel back on but the distances were mismatched so focusing was even more of a guess.

      Loading the camera is like any other camera of that era; the bottom/back comes off; load/wind and close. The film counter is as rudimentary as my FED or Zorki so once you’re happy your at a starting frame you turn the frame counter with your fingers to align 0 with the arrow. The only thing is, mine never worked and like the FED or the Zorki I never bothered setting it.

      To see the weird photos I made with it head over to Flickr (username Sibokk) and either look for a set called Halina 35X or search my photostream for 35x as Halina might pickup my Halina Viceroy TLR photos. I write URLs but I’m replying from my phone.

      I hope your 35x is in better shape and I’ll be keen to see how you get on.



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