Brownie In The Park

"Brownie in the Park" by Sibokk
“Brownie in the Park”, a photo by Sibokk on Flickr.

Back from the depths of despair from the Brown balls of shit post comes a brownie post where I loaded the film correctly.

I used a roll of Kodak Vericolor 3 this time that expired in the 90’s or 80’s which as you can see isn’t looking so good. I think I developed for about 6-7 minutes in a dying C41 kit but even that hasn’t really helped here. The image is uneven and faded looking near the top of the film.

The age of the kit doesn’t appear to be the problem since I’d developed a sheet of Portra 400 with a similar time and it looked fine.

I’m also seeing lots of spots around the edges of the film so I’m going to put that down to poor previous storage. I’ve had these rolls in the fridge since I got them so I know it’s not me, fresh colour stock is on the menu.

At time of writing – I have another roll of Vericolor 3 in my Kodamatic Special so when I finish that roll I’ll know if it’s the Brownie or the film for sure.


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