Brown Chocolate Salty Balls

"Brown Balls of Shit" by Sibokk
“Brown Balls of Shit”, a photo by Sibokk on Flickr.

A big Brownie chocolate salty ball screw up is hard to swallow. It makes you sick to your guts like that mouthful of seawater you swallowed when you were a kid paddling about in the ocean. All smiles and laughter until that sneaky wave washes over your head and down it goes.

When on the Street photography meet up I delighted in carrying 1 million cameras and attempted to use all of them. In fact I did use all of them, but it was so heavy I was woken at 3am the next day with the most painful shin-splints I’ve had for a long time and I screwed the Brownie.

I was so giddy trying to use all my cameras at once that I panic-loaded the film into the Brownie wrongly … twice – twice(!).

This is a lesson for everyone to slow down and pay attention or you’ll screw up. I shudder to think of the photos I’ve missed here so I’ll try not to.

I’ve now put a bit of masking tape on the back with a “have you loaded this correctly you twat?” written on it.

Next disaster …


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