Edinburgh Street Photography Meet Up 3, Zorki 4K

Part 3. The Zorki 4K with 35mm Jupiter 12 makes its way to the stage.

This third part involves the Zorki 4K which is probably now my favourite 35mm rangefinder overstepping the FED 3 purely because of the brighter viewfinder/rangefinder and because I now have 2 lenses that fit it.

To be honest I thought I took more photos than this and had actually ovever-rolled when loading the film for the canister. I had to unravel quite a bit to get it to fit into the cannister.

In the end my roll took around 44 photos which I had to cut in half to develop. Fortunately I managed to cut through the edge of a frame, no real damage.

One problem I’m now having with this camera/lens compliment is getting close enough to fill the 35mm frame. Some of these shots would look better/closer with a 50mm lens.

One good thing was the ability to further hone my zone focusing skills though still nowhere near as sharp as I would really want. I found myself twitching and fidgeting with the lens as I walked down the street, setting the distance and moving between f16 in the sunlight to f5.6 in the shade with the 400 speed film.

The photos I’ve uploaded haven’t been cropped except for one (below) but I believe a couple could benefit from a wee crop here and there.

I thought I would have problems jumping between the rangefinder and viewfinder but I really didn’t.

Because I had so many other cameras with me that day this is all I had from the Zorki though I did go on to take a few more street and urban shots to finish off the roll ….

Post Meet Up

The first image below with one of my favourite candid street portraits.

And bottom right of the image above is one of the now becoming rare occasions my finger gets in the way.


Still more to come because I’ve got about 2 rolls of Fomapan 400 from the Mamiya Universal.


3 thoughts on “Edinburgh Street Photography Meet Up 3, Zorki 4K

  1. I like this set Simon, you inspired me to go out and do a bit of street photography myself over the weekend. It is still something that I struggle with but I do find it enjoyable. The last few times I was out I had been doing more street portraits of stranger to lift me out of a very cosy comfort zone. I enjoyed the small bit of street work on Saturday and can see why you love it so much..


    1. Hey, thanks Brendan.

      It is an odd experience shooting on the street but when I was out with the meet-up I was surprised at how receptive people were at having their photo taken and especially with Paul Cruickshank (Candid Edinburgh on Flickr) who would go really close. A big smile and a thank you was usually enough or the occasional quick chat about what you are doing.


      1. I have been pretty much getting people to pose for me rather than candid shots. This generally involves a little bit more conversation but can be very worthwhile. I think Edinburgh and Dublin would be similar in that *generally* people are nice and game for a laugh….


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